3 Most Common Customer Service Challenges And How To Deal With Them

If we were to describe the customer service field, we could say that it is full of challenges and surprises. The needs of your customers change and you need to adapt to them. They may demand more information about your products and services. People may want to communicate through certain channels or may ask you be able to perform certain actions for them. These are challenges you are most likely to go through.

Going through these challenges is a great way to improve your department’s efficiency. They bring out information that you did not know about and influence your business growth. Customer service challenges point out the weak points in the customer support department. When your representatives do not manage to deal with certain tickets or there are customers who have to wait too much before they receive an answer, you need to think about how you could fill these gaps. Research shows that 42% of people who contact businesses through social media expect an answer within 60 minutes.

There are a few challenges that many businesses have come across. We have made a short list in which we present you more details and show you how to deal with them.

1. You do not know the answer to a question

“I don’t know” seems like the easiest response you can give when you do not know the answer to a question. However, this is the last answer a customer would want to hear from a support representative. Customers are interested in hearing a solution for their problem.

Although people expect you to offer them the information they are looking for, there are situations in which you do not know the answer. You should not feel guilty or ashamed if you go through such a situation. There is no customer service regulation that says that a representative needs to know the answer to any question he or she is asked. It is the way in which you deal with it that changes the entire picture.

Solution: Instead of saying “I don’t know”, you need to think of ways in which you move your focus on the customer. When you give the “I don’t know” answer, you do not allow yourself to look for methods in which you can help people. Take the following answer as an example:

“Is the X application compatible with your software?

That is a very good question. Let me check this for you.”

2. You need to transfer a customer

This is not a pleasant action for customers, but there are situations when you need to do it. It can be due to the fact that another customer support representative has dealt with the problem before or another department can provide clear and accurate information.

Customers do not like to repeat their questions to different people. Studies show that 89% of them feel frustrated because they have to do so. For this reason, you need to pay attention to the way you announce the transfer.

Solution: It is essential to show your customers that you are taking all the necessary actions to help them with their problem. When you need to transfer them, consider the following approach:

“Mr. Johnson, we will solve your problem immediately. I will transfer you to our software specialist who is greatly prepared to offer you all the information you need.”

You show people that you are offering what’s best for them and you make them feel that they are in the right hands.

3. You are asked to do specific favors

Customers may ask you for specific favors. Whether they want to know information that is available for the public or actions that are not possible, you may hear at least once the question “Can you make an exception?”.

This customer service challenge puts you in a difficult position. On the one hand, you have certain company rules that you need to respect. On the other hand, you want to help your customers and satisfy their needs. The key is to find the middle way.

Solution: First of all, you need to explain them that you cannot complete a certain action for objective reasons. Then, you need to concentrate on their request. Think if there is anything you can do that may help them. It may not seem much, but it can provide people a great helping hand.

Customer service challenges are sometimes difficult  to deal with, but their outcomes are quite surprising. Finding a solution for difficult situations can help you improve your support department and grow your business.

We are gladly inviting you to share with us your greatest customer service challenges!




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