5 Great Ways Chabots Can Help You Grow Your Business

Chatbots have become one of the most important elements in the customer support field. One of the reasons why they attract so much attention is the fact that they can perform customer support processes more efficient. Fulfilling multiple tasks at the same time, being able to work 24/7 and providing the right information to customers are just a few examples of how chatbots manage to help customer support departments.

Looking at things from a different angle, integrating a chatbot in your customer support strategy is beneficial to your business from different points of view. It responds to customers in real time and it also reduces business costs. Due to the fact that they are able to perform complex actions and deliver high-quality results, they can open new possibilities for you to grow your business.

Here are 5 ways through which a chatbot can help you obtain successful results and grow your business.

1. It allows you to invest money in other business departments

When comparing a chatbot to a customer support representative, there are a few key differences that can be pointed out. First of all, the bot is available for solving tickets all the time, while an employee may not always work or may require additional costs for working in certain days. Whether we are talking about winter holidays or weekends, the bot will answer the questions your customers have.

Secondly, people may need special training before they actually start working in the customer support department. Chatbots have wide knowledge about a product or a service and are designed to perform specific customer support tasks.

These two examples show that having a chatbot can do the work of multiple representatives. You have an ’employee’ that can interact with 5 customers at once and offer great results. This offers you the possibility to think of how much money you need to invest in the customer support department. As costs can be reduced, you can invest money in other business departments. In this way, you manage to focus on the business growth process.

2. Chatbots allow you to extend your business internationally

If you are thinking of extending your business or of providing services in foreign countries, having a chatbot can help you in the process. You may need to provide support in a different language than the ones you are currently working with. This means that you need to expand your customer support team with people who speak that certain language.

However, chatbots nowadays speak different languages, from German to Spanish. For this reason, having a bot can make the entire process easier, as you can concentrate on the business matters regarding your business expansion.

3. Chatbots can have a major contribution to the sales process

Besides solving tickets and providing information about products or services to customers, chatbots can play an important role in the sales process. Let’s take the following situation into consideration. If a customer is looking for a specific WordPress theme, he or she can text the bot asking for a theme with particular features. The bot can respond with a few theme suggestions it considers relevant. The customer can buy it or postpone the purchase.

The great part is that when the person decides to come back, the bot will remember the conversation and use the information it gathered in the current discussion. In this way, it can observed that bots can perform additional tasks besides the customer support ones.

4. You follow a popular communication trend

People have become used to texting as it is a quick, efficient and comfortable way for them to communicate. Due to the fact that technology has advanced, nowadays, it is possible for a bot to respond to a message. Whether it needs to provide information about a product or a service or to recommend one, a bot can easily send a response text to a customer.

5. Allows support representatives to focus on important tickets

Bots can easily perform repetitive tasks such answering to questions about a common problem of a product or service. Because they can take these support tickets, customer support representatives can focus on important or complex tasks. In this way, both parties manage to satisfy customers.

Happy customers bring only benefits to your business. They can recommend you to other people and contribute to creating a strong and positive reputation for your company.

These 5 examples illustrate that customer support bots can play an important role in helping you grow your business. They contribute in the sales process and are a great addition to your customer support department. In this way, they let you focus on developing strategies and techniques to grow your business and boost your success.

In what other ways can customer support chatbots help you grow your business?


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