5 Habits That Create Bad Customer Service Experiences

There is a saying which tells us that “Old habits die hard” and emphasizes the idea that change is one of the hardest actions we need to do. The business world is continuously changing, new markets are discovered and companies need to adapt to these modifications. The demands of the customers are transforming, businesses need to fulfill them and create great customer service experiences.

Working with new techniques may seem easier in theory than in practice. It can be difficult  for businesses to completely give up on certain methods they have been using for quite some time. This is a mistake some companies make and it can result in them paying a high price.

When it comes to customer service experiences, businesses need to concentrate on delivering pleasant and satisfying services that will have a positive impact on their clients. In order to do this, they sometimes need to use new techniques. The needs of their customers change constantly. It is important that the methods can be adapted to them. When this does not happen, there is a chance that customers will not have the best experience with that specific company.

There are strategies and techniques that have been used and brought good results in the past. However, nowadays, they are not that efficient anymore. They can be associated with bad old habits. They are holding businesses back from making progress and are affecting their image, reputation and growth process.

In order to understand them better, here are 5 habits that create bad customer experiences.

1. Offering a different treatment for new customers

It is true that the costs of bringing a new customer are higher than the costs of keeping an already existing customer. However, this is not a good reason to treat new customers differently than the existing ones. This treatment includes offering special offers and discounts only to the new ones. Businesses need to find a certain balance and offer a relatively equal treatment for both type of clients.

The already existing customers have interacted with a brand and have some knowledge of it. Companies should offer them some incentives like coupons or discounts to motivate them to choose their brand again and to make them loyal to their business. In this way, they increase their customer retention, which helps their business grow.

2.  Talking too much instead of listening to the customers

The information that customers provide are valuable for companies. They can offer important details about their experience with the business and the products and services they interacted with. These insights are very useful to companies because it can give them an idea of what they need to improve and which aspects their customers appreciate most.

3. Impersonal or late responses equal bad customer service experiences

It can be very simple to create a few template for emails or SMS messages and send them to your customers as default responses. However, this is an impersonal way of communicating with customers. When people are contacting businesses, they are looking not only for an answer or a solution for a particular problem, but also for a person who will listen to them and understand their request. For this reason, businesses should work on messages that express their understanding and that feels more personal.

Moreover, responding in short time is a sign that businesses care for their customers. Taking too much time to respond can make customers feel frustrated. They can be dissatisfied with the services they received and may feel motivated not to work with a company anymore.

4.  Lack of transparency in processes

This mistake refers to situations which imply purchasing products and services. Businesses need to make this processes crystal clear for their customers. They need to include all the information related to the price of the product, the extra costs (e.g. shipping costs) and special fees for certain products. Omitting one detail can create a bad customer experience. People may not trust a business  for a future purchase. This can affect not only their sales, but also their reputation.

5. Taking clients for granted

Businesses may be tempted to think that customers will return to them when they need a product or service they are providing. For this reason, they can loosen up their customer service. This might not be the best approach. Companies should never take their customers for granted. People can easily choose another brand, as the market is filled with businesses which offer the same thing. Companies need to give people a good reason to return to them. For example, businesses can offer a special discount at the end of the year for customers who have ordered from them at least once every month.

Customer service experiences play an important role when people choose to buy a product from a brand. Companies need to adapt to what their clients are asking and the value they expect. In this way, they can make people loyal to their brand and grow their business faster.

What do you do to avoid creating bad customer service experiences?

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