Chatbot Benefits: Reduce Your Customer Support Hassle By Up To 40%

How would it feel if you had to answer to the same question every day, without considering who is asking? Pretty annoying and from a certain time, even frustrating. As a business owner, you know your support representatives have to deal with this kind of situations almost daily. Besides the unpleasantness, it’s also not really efficient. There are, however, some ways to help you change this and here we are speaking of chatbot benefits.

Support chatbots have changed many aspects in customer service. From working with multiple customers at the same time to non-stop support, they managed to raise the standards.

They can bring several benefits for your business, but they need to be used correctly. Understanding how support chatbots work is a major step in your business growth process. It can help you determine what your company needs, what bot features you’re looking for and in what way it can complement your business.

Here are the most important chatbot benefits and how they can impact your business.

Chatbots take over repetitive tasks

Going back to the example we started with, let’s try and understand the entire situation. Support representatives have to answer to a great number of questions. What’s more, they hardly receive new questions, which means they have to deliver the same information again and again.

While it’s part of their job description, it may get frustrating. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why those working in customer service are unhappy, isolated and have emotional and other personal problems.

This is the moment chatbots intervene. They can easily answer the same questions over and over again, without feeling annoyed.

Your support representatives don’t need to worry about dealing with the same basic issues. They can concentrate on more complex problems. Just think about it. On average, support agents spend around 40% of their time on repetitive tasks. Letting bots handle them means your employees will be less overloaded and you can reduce customer support hassle by up to 40%.

Enable a 24-hour support service

In terms of costs, having a support chatbot can be cheaper than a support representative. Bots don’t need any vacation, rarely get sick and can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You also have the option to buy one or pay a monthly fee for it. On the other hand, employees cannot work non-stop, may need medical leaves, salaries and you need to pay taxes for them.

Being available all the time is a great chatbot benefit and essential for your customers. They know they can contact you at any time and someone will take care of their problem, no matter if it’s Christmas or a national holiday. This is a great business advantage which can help you stand out on the market.

Communicate with customers in different languages

Multilingualism in customer service is a great element for your business. It allows you to reach new customer groups from foreign countries and communicate with foreign people living in your country.

Introducing it in your business can be costly. Whether we are talking about hiring new employees who speak certain languages or offering training for your support representatives, they can be great financial and time expenses for you.

When we bring chatbots in the discussion, the situation changes. With a little programming, a support bot can speak several languages. What’s more, they know technical language and can use it without any difficulties.

Deliver complex answers in real time

Customers have high expectations when it comes to response times. Here are a few statistics:

  • Via email, 41% want a response within 6 hours
  • Via social media, 32% expect an answer within 30 minutes and 42% within an hour
  • 57% of them expect the same response speed during nights and weekends as during normal working hours

It can be hard to answer quickly to a customer. When you have multiple tickets waiting in line, things can get even more complicated.

Delivering answers in real time is a great chatbot benefit. They can deal with several customers at the same time and deliver high-quality information.

Research has shown us 89% of customers feel frustrated when they have to repeat the same question to multiple representatives. This may happen because they don’t know how to solve it, so they pass it to a more experienced support agent.

Support chatbots can deliver complex answers, from actual text to useful resources (tutorials, videos, product documentations). Customers receive what they are looking for in real time.

Chatbot benefits are excellent for your company. Used correctly, they can make customer service processes more efficient and help your business grow.

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