How To Understand Software Release Better

Have you ever thought that a part of your company’s success stands in the process of your software release?

Your product is important and defines the image of your business, but the process through which your product is born is also essential. It will determine the improvements that you will have to make and decisions regarding how to change your software in order to satisfy your users.

Software release lifecycle

Here are the phases that present the software release lifecycle.

  • Pre-alpha – the part in which the software is developed
  • Alpha – the step in which the software testing begins
  • Beta– the phase in which a software prototype is released to be tested by a restricted group of testers or by an open group composed of persons interested in the product
  • Candidate release – the software is ready to be released to the mass audiences

Software release issues

After your product reaches your audience, you can receive different types of complaints:

  • Bugs/Issues
    For instance, you can receive messages from clients complaining that certain actions do not function as intended
  • Bad UI/UX
    The usability/design can also be a source of complaints. You can receive critical observations that certain features are not user-friendly
  • Missing critical features 
    Your customers can complain that your product needs additional features that would improve their experience

How to successfully solve customer complaints

After you have analyzed your complaints, you need to decide on two aspects: how much time you need to fix the bugs and how much time you need to test your software before you release the next version.

Time for fixing the problems

Starting with the first aspect, you have two ways of solving the issues: you can establish a certain period of time in which you work on the bugs or you take as much time as needed in order to fix the issues. Each of these solutions have advantages and drawbacks. If you are dealing with complex bugs, you may need a longer period of time and your deadline may not help you, as it can pressure you just to finish. This can result in you releasing a software with unsolved issues which will not satisfy your customers. However, if you take too much time to fix the software issues, your customers can go to your competition.

Time for testing the software

The second aspect regarding the testing of the software presents one detail that you need to pay attention to. If you take too less time to test your product, many features may not be fully tested. This may lead to further issues which, again, will not please your customers.

Tips & Tricks

The key to succeed in the process of working on the next version is to find a balance and work on an organized plan before starting to work on the new software release. Think or discuss with your team about the time needed to fix the issues and the time needed for testing. This varies from case to case. Also, you can look for people who have experience in dealing with new versions of software releases. Learn from your mistakes, but listen to what others have learned as well.

Remember that software releases are part of your success. Work on them hardly and pay attention to every detail. Finding a balance will certainly help you grow your business. 

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