Multilingual Customer Service As A Way Of Delivering Excellent Experiences

Delivering excellent customer experiences depends on several variables. We can include here offering a 24-hour customer support, responding to their questions in a relatively short period time and having a multilingual customer service. Each of them plays an important role in having a positive impact on the customer. We will focus more on the last aspect.

Multilingual customer service refers to offering support for your products and services in several languages. The benefits are somehow obvious, both for the customers and for you as a business owner. Yet, it’s important to go through them in order to understand the power of this type of customer support.

Customer benefits of multilingual customer service

Offer information in a language they know

Customers want to find and receive information in a language they are comfortable with. English is very used in customer service and one of the most spoken languages in the entire world. In fact, 1,500 million people are speaking it. Yet, there are situations when customers may need another language.

Let’s take the following example. Carlos has recently bought a product from your company. He is from Spain and has recently moved to the USA. His mother tongue is Spanish, but he is also pretty good with English. When asking for support about his product, there is a chance he may not understand exactly all the details (about the problem and the solution) in English and he may be more comfortable with communicating in Spanish.

And there’s another thing. When customers come across complex issues related to the products or services they’re using, it can become harder:

  • for you to explain to them what is happening
  • for them to understand how to deal with the situation

Having a multilingual customer service can help you avoid these scenarios and deliver pleasant experiences to your customers.

Accurate information

Some terms and expressions can be difficult to understand. Customers may need to look up the translations and meanings in dictionaries. For instance, when going through product documentations or FAQ sections written in a language they don’t know very well, they may find it difficult to completely understand what they are reading. They may not be able to find the information they need.

Having not just the human support, but also self-support services available in multiple languages can be efficient for your customers and your business. They can find the answers they need in the language they want and are sure they receive accurate information.

Business benefits

Reach new customers

When choosing a company to work with, customers may look to see if you offer multilingual customer service. Having one may open new possibilities and give you the chance to reach new categories of customers. This is an essential aspect when it comes to your business growth.

A multilingual customer support is like a person who speaks multiple languages. If he looks for a job, he has more openings than someone who knows only one or two languages.

Expand your business internationally

When thinking of expanding your business internationally, you need to take into consideration several aspects. Offering customer service in the country’s language is probably one of the most important elements. Here we include support representatives, chatbots and self-support services. Having all of these can open promising doors for your business.

Recommendations for establishing a great multilingual customer service

Think of the languages you can cover

Determining the languages you can cover is the first and probably most important step. You need to think here about your current and possibly new support representatives and the languages they can deal with. Also, support bots are something you need to consider. Whether your business uses or will use one, you need to think of the languages the bot will speak and the type of problems it can deal with.

Think of the language level you can deal with

You may be able to deliver customer service in multiple languages, but maybe not at the same level. Your level in English, Spanish and Italian can be excellent, but when it comes to French, you situate at the medium level. Take this aspect into consideration when establishing your multilingual customer service. It can help you determine what type of problems you can deal with.

Pay attention to your working hours

It’s essential to establish the hours during which you can offer certain support. You may be able to deliver customer service in a certain language during the day, as that is the working schedule of your support agent. These details need to be available for your customers. You can make a list of the service you do and don’t provide to make it more clear for them.

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