Online Tech Support Chat – How Support Chatbots Will Save Your Business Money

Chatbots have earned their position in customer service. We’ve seen how they work and the benefits they can bring to small businesses (real-time responses, helping several customers at the same time, delivering answers in multiple languages). They are time-efficient, can help you reduce costs and save your business money. What’s more, they’re experts in different fields such as online tech support chat.

Let’s focus more on it.

Tech support job description

A tech support employee generally deals with maintaining computer systems and networks within a company. This includes:

  • Helping customers with forgotten passwords
  • Identifying and eliminating viruses
  • Solving email issues
  • Finding solutions for website errors and server problems

Some of these tasks may become repetitive, while others can require new approaches. There can be one or two ways to help a customer who forgot a password, but a server problem may need a more detailed inspection. You may want to see if there were problems in the past and how others dealt with them. They may indicate towards the cause of the current problem and help you find a proper solution.

Yet, it may be hard to be fully focused on complex problems when other minor requests keep occurring. Yes, it’s important to keep customers satisfied and help them with their password or email issues and it may not take too long. If we add all the small interruptions, however, we may obtain a considerable number. In other words, they take over your time and focus on more complicated problems, resulting in a less efficient work.

Tech agents can be responsible not only for customers’ issues, but also with internal technical problems. If there are problems with your company’s website, they may be the ones who need to fix it. Yet, if they have to solve customers’ issues first, it can result in great costs for your business.  

Chatbots and online tech support chat

Now is the perfect moment to introduce chatbots. Designed to help your business overcome these, bots are great for online tech support chat and can bring you valuable benefits.

No need to worry about repetitive tasks

We’ve seen that small repetitive tasks are important, but sometimes, they can get in the way of solving more complex problems. While in other customer service departments you may do 2 things at the same time (write an email and speak on the phone), in tech this is hardly possible. Agents need to pay attention to identify the problem correctly and find a solution to it.

Chatbots can take the burden of repetitive tasks off your shoulders. When customers write to you about forgotten passwords or simple email issues, the bot takes over and solves the problem quickly. The customer leaves satisfied and you have worked on other tasks without being interrupted.

Managing to solve all types tickets is a sign of efficiency and this translates into reduced costs and saving your business money.

Identify and solve tech problems quickly

Speed is crucial in customer service. When it comes to simple tasks, customers may think “It’s not that complicated, it shouldn’t take too long.”

No matter how accustomed we are to a certain thing, we always need to check it to see if we are sure of it. It’s the same with tech issues. You need to take some time to identify the cause of the problem and deliver a useful solution.

Chatbots can easily perform this action, as they instantly access product documentations, databases or the software the customer is using.

Can easily integrate into your tech department

In order to understand this better, let’s look at the following situation. When you hire a new employee to work in online tech support chat, you need to invest some time in training, teaching him about your company and the tech team. The entire process may take a couple of months.

When you bring in a support bot, it’s just a matter of days or hours until it will be ready to work. It will know everything about your company, products, services and how to act in different situations. For instance, you can program it to respond only to certain types of tickets and for the other requests, it can immediately redirect customers to your tech support representatives.

Work full-time

Let’s face it. This is the thing at which bots will always be the winners. They can work non-stop and offer support for customers at any hour.

In online tech support chat, this is a really strong point. Customers send a message and in just a few moments, their problem is fixed or have the solution to it. Your customers are satisfied with your support services, you are efficient in your work and, in the end, this translates into business growth and success.

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