Excellent customer support is priceless. This is not a statement businesses use when discussing about the services they offer. It’s a fact proven by real numbers. Customers are willing to pay more for a better service.

This brings us to a further question. Should customers pay (more) to receive great customer support? The answer depends on the point of view  you are looking from. Customers would probably vote for making customer support available to everyone, not matter the product or service they acquired. Businesses may think twice before making a statement.

Delivering great customer support involves a great amount of time, energy, patience, training of representatives about products, services, crisis situations etc. It requires great resources and this translates in further expenses. As a business owner, you understand such expenses can impact the development and growth of your company. They can have both positive and negative effects.

In such a situation, what move should you make? Although it may not seem to align with your objectives at first, making customer support available to all of your customers is the best choice you can make. Why?

Customer support plays an important role in how your business grows and how your customers see your company. The benefits it brings to you overcome the costs of delivering it. Here are 4 benefits to help you understand the importance of customer support.

Creates a strong brand on the market

There is a strong relationship between customer support and your business brand. Delivering service for all of your offerings can be one of your business values that differentiate you from other competitors.

Not all companies offer customer support to all their customers. Some do and some don’t offer support. For the ones who deliver support, customers may need to pay for it through a certain fee or by buying products or services of a certain value (e.g. minimum $2000). Imposing such conditions on customers may motivate them to look for other businesses. They may want to work with companies which offer support to all of their customers.

Being the one business which offers support to all of its customers will help you stand out in the market and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Can bring new potential customers

Defining your business through your customer support value can help you attract new potential customers. How? Customers tell around 8 people about their pleasant customer service experiences. They spread word about your business to other potential customers, helping you promote your products and services.

Customers are highly influenced by your support service. It’s a criterion which often beats product/service quality and price. Although your products and services may not be the strongest, they may still be recommended to others.

May help you improve products and services

Whether we are talking about the products you sell or the services you offer, these elements highly depend on your customers’ feedback. They can identify flaws, gaps or bugs that cause problems and come up with possible solutions or new features that could satisfy their needs better.

If you want to offer the best products and services, you need to constantly look for ways to improve and adapt them to your customers’ needs. One great way you can learn more about how to do this is by listening to what they are saying. They are giving you valuable information you can easily use in your current and future offerings.

This feedback is beneficial for your business and your customers. You improve what you offer, they are satisfied and return to you, improving your customer retention rate and helping you grow the business.

A better understanding of your customers

Your customers are people. Their needs change, they want up-to-date and easy to use products. They may also value more how you deliver than what you actually deliver.

You can easily get this information out of the interactions you have with them in customer support. You can learn about how they found out about your business or why they chose your product or service. It can give you hints about their behavior and help you understand better your target audience.

Offering customer support to all your customers opens a wide gate for your business. It gives you great opportunities to understand your customers, your offerings, the business market and know how to adapt your company.

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